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Tank tops for men have quickly become one of the true classic items of men’s wear. It is one of those clothing items that seems a little bit out of place. Who came up with the idea of the tank top?

It would appear that it may have been the Victorians that came up with the idea of the tank top. Back in the Victorian era when you went to the British seaside, men wore what was known as a tank suit. At first, it consisted of an all in one piece. Over the years, it became shorts and a tank top. That is where we get the classic tank top from.

Today, the tank top is worn by both men and women. But, it would perhaps be fair to say, that tank tops for men are still more popular.

When You Should Wear A Tank Top?

Needless to say, a tank top is not something that you should wear into the office. But, when you are not working, there is no reason why you should not wear a tank top.

Do you need to have sexy arms and toned torso to wear a tank top? You don’t really, but then again, it would be fair to say that most men who wear tank tops, like to show off their muscles.

Over the years, tank tops for men have in many ways become part of the gym kit. You will find that most men who go to the gym or workout at home, have at least a couple of tank tops in their wardrobe.

Inexpensive Item of Clothing

The tank top is also a very inexpensive piece of clothing, and very versatile. You can even slip it on under a shirt if you feel a bit cold. Having a least a couple of tank tops handy is a great idea when you live in a cooler climate.

A tank top always looks good. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. It also makes great beach gear when you feel that you want to keep the sun’s rays of your chest. If you like, you can even go swimming wearing your tank top.

Most stores do stock tank tops for men. Unfortunately, store bought tank tops often leave something to be desired when it comes to quality. A great alternative is to sign up for a t-shirt subscription box service. That way, you will have a steady stream of all of the different kinds of t-shirts that you will need including tank tops.