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Your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. However, it is hard for you to do that if you are not using the right equipment. You can change to an eCommerce checkout system that moves quickly, saves time, and saves money. Plus, you need to consider which devices you will use to process payments. Each step listed below will make your checkout process so simple you will never force your customers to stand in long lines.

You Need A Computer, Phone, Or Tablet To Use

You can attach your phone, tablet, or computer to a card reader or chip reader. You can use software that is designed to work with the card reader, and you can log cash payments in your software. If you are using the eCommerce format, most people will pay with a card. Plus, you can accept payments through online payment apps.

How Do You Buy The Chip Reader Or Card Swiper?

You can buy the chip reader or card swiper online. These devices are designed to match your phone, your tablet, or your computer. You can get one that plugs into a mobile device, or you might choose a device that you can set on a desk. The software on the machine will process your payments, and all those payments will be logged.

Accepting Online Payments

You can take online payments from your customers using a special phone number and email that are set up for your system. Your customers can send you cash right away, or you could accept payment from a customer’s bank account. All these payments are sent to your regular account, and you will have a transaction log that shows them all.

Cash Payments

You can accept cash payments or checks. Plus, you can scan the checks with your phone or tablet, deposit them instantly, and log the transaction. You can maximize your checkout flow because your customers can send eCommerce payments to you at any time. You no longer need to wait for payments to go through, and your customers do not need someone to hold their place in line while they get more money.

The System Works With All Devices

You do not need to buy another phone or tablet just to run one of these systems. You can save money because these chip readers and card swipers are very simple. Plus, the devices are cheap enough that you can afford to replace them. Your small business needs to use its money wisely, and you will only spend a few dollars on the eCommerce checkout plan you would like to use.


The card swipers and chip readers that you are using are not that expensive. Your customers can send you any type of payment they want, and you can even scan a check right away. You will make more money every day, and your customers will not need to wait in line to buy their items. This is especially helpful if you sell products at fairs, trade shows, and festivals.