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Looking for the leading San Bernardino funeral service provider offering the best cremation solutions? Look no further! Cremation is a procedure which involves the use of intense heat to transform the remains of an individual’s dead body into ashes. Here at California Cremation Centers, we provide an easy and sympathetic end-of-life service for your loved ones. 

We understand how hard the loss of a family member or friend can be. That’s why we endeavor to make your comfort our number one priority when you have lost a close person. If you are looking for the best San Bernardino funeral service, contact us now and we will assist you respectfully lay your loved one to rest using our incredible cremation or burial services.

How the Process of Cremation Works

The process involved in cremation reduces a person’s dead body to its fundamental parts via a procedure which uncovers it to open fire, extreme heat and evaporation. The entire process is performed in a specially modified furnace referred as a retort or cremation chamber. 

After the cremation process, the remaining metal element is eliminated and the remains are then ground. The ashes are placed in an urn offered by the family. 

Funeral and Cremation Solutions in San Bernardino, CA

Since our inception, here at California Cremation Centers, our goal is to offer affordable funeral, burial, and cremation solutions in the entire San Bernardino area. We provide low cost options to conventional funeral solutions while still offering the care and support which you and your loved ones deserve. Our mission is to offer quality solution at a cost you can afford. Call us now to learn more about our cremation services, or for a free consultation and estimate on all the solutions we offer.

A Wide Array of Services

We provide a wide array of services including burial, funeral, and cremation among others to ensure all the specialized requirements of the diverse San Bernardino population are fulfilled. 

Pre-Planning Alternatives

Here at California Cremation Centers, we provide pre-planning alternatives to help you organize your final journey in accordance with your preferences and wishes. Involve us in the pre-planning arrangements of your final journey and we will ensure everything is handled in accordance to your wishes when your time finally comes.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Team 

Our friendly, knowledgeable team is available to assist with even the hardest of all decisions regarding memorial or cremation services. At California Cremation Centers, we strive to offer top-of-the-line solutions to make sure our clients are extremely satisfied with everything they get from us.

An Easy, Dignified and Affordable Funeral Alternative

Here at California Cremation Centers, our objective is to offer a simple, dignified, and pocket friendly funeral alternative. If you are planning a cremation service ahead of time, or if you want to inquire anything about the services we offer, call us now and get the right advice from our incredible team of funeral organizers.