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If you’re having back pain or disc issues, you’re probably at least considering artificial disc replacement. The procedure may seem scary, but artificial disc replacement in Beverly Hills is actually an ideal place to go through the procedure due to the excellent quality of spinal care facilities and doctors there.

But it helps to know how the procedure is performed. What follows is a rundown of the basics, along with some specifics that are part of the procedure.

First off, the procedure should be performed by an orthopedic spine surgeon with extensive experience doing this kind of operation. It’s considered minimally invasive—typically the damaged disc is carefully located and then removed, after which a metal implant device is placed in the vertebral space. In addition, a medical grade plastic spacer is inserted between the devices. This allows for motion, and it’s often crucial to pain relief as well.

Once the procedure is finished, x-rays are usually taken to make sure the device and spacer have been inserted correctly. The film also provides information if there are complications and a second followup operation becomes necessary.

One benefit of artificial disc replacement is the convenience. Most patients can return home on the day of the surgery or after an overnight stay, and while there is some discomfort during recovery its usually manageable with pain medications.

The basic goal of artificial disc replacement is to reduce pain and increase mobility. There are risks, however, that you should know about and discuss with your spinal surgeon.

The biggest one is the access to the spine required to perform an artificial disc replacement. It’s greater that what’s needed for lumbar fusion surgery, and this increases the possibility of infection of either the artificial disc itself or the area around it.

There’s also a small risk that the disc can become dislocated or dislodged either during or after surgery. While this risk is considered minimal, it is something potential patients should know about. In addition, there’s an even smaller risk that the disc will either fail, loosen or wear over time.

But the material used to create the artificial discs generally performs well, and technological advancements are constantly improving these discs as well.

Perhaps the biggest risk that comes with artificial disc replacement, though, is the quality of the surgeon. That’s way you need to get the best possible doctor if you’re considering artificial disc replacement, so its important to take your time and carefully evaluate all your options.

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