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It might seem like a fun idea to take a nationwide road trip with your car. However, what you aren’t thinking about is the mileage you’ll put on it, the wear and tear, and how tiring it really is, to drive so far. Especially if you’re moving thousands of miles away from your current location. This is where car shipping companies are the ideal solution for your car shipping needs. 

Why Ship Rather than Drive – 

For those who are considering a long distance drive, there are a few reasons to step back, reassess, and consider hiring car shipping companies to transport your vehicle instead. 

1. The Distance – 

You can put thousands of miles on your car in a single trip. Imagine the move from Florida to California, this is thousands of miles. Or, in some cases, even an inter-state move can easily rack up close to a thousand miles depending on where you live. If you have a lease or if your car is older, the mileage isn’t something you’ll want to put on it.

2. The Work – 

Driving that many miles in a short span means you’re going to have to do work on your car sooner than you’d expect. Oil changes, tire rotations, and depending on the road conditions, other wear and tear to the engine might occur. This is going to result in high repair costs or maintenance costs. 

3. The Drive – 

Yes, it looks fun on paper, and it probably is a fun trip to take if you want to drive on a long distance road trip. What most people don’t think about, however, is the actual drive. The scenery is great and so are the fun stops. But, you’ll have to pay attention, drive at night, drive in dangerous weather conditions, and some dangerous areas. 

4. The Cost and Worries (Insurance, accidents, tickets, etc.) 

Fuel, hotels, dining out every day, and other road stops and pit stops add up quickly. When you hire car shipping companies to do the transport work, you pay a flat rate for them to ship your car, based on the distance. It’s not only going to cost less, it’s also much less work and less worry. Forget about speeding tickets, traffic, and a possible accident on the road, shipping companies will do the hard work for you.

If you’re considering a cross-country, or even inter-state move, rethink the drive, and consider hiring a car shipping companies to do the job instead.